MEIWITA Chapter 706: The Attention of the Ancestor of the Feng Clan

Lou Mu Yan liked to play go be it in her previous life or this life—it could make her feel at peace.

She sat opposite the Ancestor of the Feng Clan, picked up a white piece on the table, then dropped it on the go board after pondering.

The Ancestor of the Feng Clan looked calm. With a faint smile on his lips, he picked up the black go piece and also landed it on the go board.

It took nearly six hours for the one old, one young, to play back and forth, and the final result was a draw.

“I really didn’t expect this girl to be so good at go at only twenty.” The Third Elder looked at the result of the go game with shock in his eyes, “It’s the first time I’ve seen someone who can form a draw with Ancestor.”

“Little girl’s go skills are truly superb.” The Ancestor of the Feng Clan looked up at Lou Mu Yan and said: “In the future, come play go with this old man, their go skills are too poor, and it’s too lonely to have no opponent.”

It had been a long time since he played a game of go as heartily as just now.

“As long as Ancestor doesn’t dislike it, Yan’er will come when I have time.” Lou Mu Yan replied humbly with a smile.

No one around her, be it humans or spirit pets, liked to play go, so she still felt rather happy to meet someone who was a match for her in go.

“This is a meeting gift from this old man to you siblings.” The Feng Clan’s Ancestor took out two brocade boxes made of ice crystal essence and handed them to the Lou siblings.

“Thank you Ancestor!” Neither of them opened it in front of them, and instead put it away politely.

The Feng Clan Ancestor glanced at the two of them with restrained and deep eyes, then said slowly: “The Feng Clan bloodline in the both of you is very pure. Go to the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool to cleanse the marrow and shape the body to activate the bloodline.”

The Third Elder nodded: “Today happens to be the day of the full moon, and it’s also the time for the opening of the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool.

“Take them down first to activate their bloodline.” The Ancestor of the Feng Clan looked at the sky for the time and ordered the Third Elder.

“Yes!” The Third Elder turned to the two siblings and said: “Come with me.”


The two greeted the Ancestor of the Feng Clan respectfully, then followed the Third Elder and left to the most secretive place of the Feng Clan, the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool.

After the three of them left, the Feng Clan Ancestor looked at the Patriarch of the Feng Clan indifferently and said: “The news you sent isn’t very detailed, explain it in more detail now.”


The Patriarch of the Feng Clan spoke about Lou Mu Yan’s performance in the alchemy competition, as well as what happened in the private room of Emperor Ming, and of course, it included Lou Mu Yan and Ming Xiu’s situation.

After listening to the Patriarch of the Feng Clan’s words, the Feng Clan’s Ancestor’s calm eyes fluctuated slightly. He pondered for a moment, then said: “After the two siblings come out of the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pond, we’ll hold a recognition ceremony. Invite the Clans that we have good relations with. This old man and some old friends haven’t had a gathering in a long time too.”

The Patriarch of the Feng Clan was startled, and immediately hid the shock in his eyes, replying respectfully: “As ordered.”

The Ancestor hadn’t appeared to the outside world for many years. It seemed that this time, he attached great importance to the two Lou Clan siblings.

“Xin girl, what do you think?’ The Ancestor of the Feng Clan looked up at Feng Yue Xin and asked.

Feng Yue Xin replied without the slightest hesitation: “My children will naturally be recognised and returned to the Feng Clan. I agree to the recognition ceremony. As for their father, as long as he can ascend to Guang’ling Word, I’m willing to accept him and be together for the rest of our lives.”

As the emotional memories of the split soul became deeper and deeper, all her complicated feelings for Lou Mu Yu were replaced by nostalgia, so she decided in her heart that after Lou Mo Yu ascended to Guang’ling World, no matter what cultivation base he was or what status, he would be her only husband in this life.

The Patriarch of the Feng Clan also hoped his younger sister could be happy. To be able to raise such outstanding children like Lou Mu Yan and Lou Mu Ting, presumably his younger brother-in-law wasn’t too inferior. He even heard that his eldest nephew who he hadn’t met yet was also very outstanding.

Their Feng Clan didn’t have much concept of status. As long as it wasn’t too exaggerated, the clan still advocated free marriages, and wouldn’t have their clan’s pupils marry for interests.

“If you can’t let go of it, then it’s good to accept it. As such, you won’t develop heart demons in the future.” The Ancestor of the Feng Clan nodded slightly, “It’s been a while since you’ve advanced to Upper Unification Realm, it’s about time to go out and train a little.”

“Mm, I think so too. After Yan’er goes to the Mercenary Union, I’ll go to some small secret realms to train.” Feng Yue Xin replied with a smile.

“After they exit from the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool, bring them to meet this old man again.” The Feng Clan Ancestor paused, then waved his hands dismissively with half-closed eyes and said: “You can both leave.”


The Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool could be regarded as the most precious wealth of the Feng Clan. It contained the purest Heavenly Phoenix blood essence transformed into a blood pool. Every three years, it’d be opened to activate the bloodline of the clan’s pupils of the younger generation.

When Lou Mu Yan followed the Third Elder to the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool, there were already many younger generations of the Feng Clan standing outside the barrier, including Feng Li You.

“Mu Yan.” Feng Li You waved enthusiastically as soon as she saw Lou Mu Yan.

Beside her stood the top young geniuses of the Feng Clan, and their gazes immediately shifted to Lou Mu Yan.

Lou Mu Yan being the daughter of the patriarch’s younger sister, was known all throughout the Feng Clan now. Many people who didn’t get to see Lou Mu Yan earlier felt a little regretful, but they didn’t expect to see her here now.

Many looked at her with curiosity and complexity, but there wasn’t hostility.

“Elder Cousin Sister, so it turns out that you slipped away so early to come to the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool to activate the bloodline!” Lou Mu Yan approached and said with a gentle smile, blinking.

Feng Li You pulled her close to her side intimately and said: “That’s right, the reason why Father rushed us back in such a hurry was to participate in the opening of the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool. I haven’t activated my bloodline yet.”

“Mm.” Lou Mu Yan smiled.

“Come, let me introduce you.” Feng Li You enthusiastically dragged Lou Mu Yan and introduced several young men and women around them to Lou Mu Yan and Lou Mu Ting.

“Hi Younger Cousin Sister, I’ve heard of you for a while now, and seeing you today, you are indeed better in person than in rumours.” Feng Li You’s elder cousin brother, Feng Li An, the son of Feng Yue Xin’s second elder brother, said with a smile.

“Elder Cousin Brother’s too polite.” Lou Mu Yan smiled faintly.

Immediately, several other people also surrounded them to greet the two siblings, and were rather enthusiastic. Only a very small number of people maintained a distanced attitude.

Most of these people were from concubines or branch families, so it wasn’t appropriate to go up and get close.

An hour later, a middle-aged man with a serious face came out from the restrictions of the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool.

“The moon is currently in the centre of the sky, and it is also the moment when the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool is to be opened. I am here to tell you about the situation inside.

“The Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool has three areas, the outer circle, inner circle, and core circle. The core circle is also the centre of the blood pond, where there’s a divine statue of the Heavenly Phoenix.

“If you can go deep into the core area, you may trigger Senior Heavenly Phoenix’s True Spirit to descend an avatar to activate your bloodline personally, but the possibility of this is very small.

“Therefore, I hope that you will not be too ambitious, and carry out the blood activation according to your heart and strength. If you feel that your body is about the burst, stop immediately and don’t continue to absorb the energy in the blood pool, and withdraw from the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool to complete this ceremony.

“Of course, if you’re a capable pupil, you can slowly enter deep into the inner circle, or even core circle. Everything must be done according to your ability, don’t take chances or compare yourself to others.

“Alright, I feel that you will realise the benefits after going in personally, so follow me now.”

After the middle-aged man finished speaking, his hands formed seals and the restrictions quickly disappeared around the edge of the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pool.

Random Note: I can’t imagine watching a go game for 6 hours……… I sometimes question if I’m translating 时辰 (shí chén period of 2 hours in ancient times) wrong simply because of how long everything takes HAHAHA But if it really took 6 hours, then the timing seems right since they enter the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Pond at night. If it only took 3 hours, they’d have to have arrived at the Feng Clan really late but I don’t think that’s the case.

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